About G-TAC

G-TAC (Global Talent Alliance Canada) brings together Canadian companies with highly skilled international educated professionals (IEPs) with a global view. Our mission is to help businesses fill their expertise gaps and help IEPs find jobs in their field. G-TAC has over 600 business partners across Canada, and is committed to be the global talent pipeline builder for Canadian businesses.

Who can join?

G-TAC is hosting this virtual career expo for all job seekers who are legal to work in Canada, including Canadian citizens, permanent residents, work permit holders, and convertion refugees.

Why should you join?

Make direct contact with your target employers!

You will get the chance to:

- learn about job openings

- apply directly for jobs

- chat with the employer representatives, and

- learn more about living & working in different regions/cities of Canada


What's in it for you?

1) You will access job openings across Canada.

2) You will grow your professional network.

3) You will gain insights from subject matter experts for your next steps in your career development or career transition in Canada.Our network includes some of the fastest growing companies in Canada.


Website: https://g-tac.ca/


Email: info@g-tac.ca

Tel: 1-613-366-1759

WeChat: g_tac

Web: g-tac.ca

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